Suncheon City 순천시

Suncheon City 순천시 is nicknamed Korea’s ecological capital. It was the site of the 2013 Garden Expo, so you’ll find plenty of motels and helpful tourist information centers. It’s a relatively large city, which means that the local buses run frequently and you’ll find plenty of western restaurants here as well as more traditional ones.




1. Suncheon Film Set 드라마 촬영장

2. Nagan Fortress 순천 낙안읍성

3. Suncheon Garden 순천만 정원

4. Suncheon Bay 순천만


You can get to Suncheon by bus or train, but I highly suggest you take the train because of the city being so far down south. It takes 3 hours and 10 minutes by KTX (40,000 won), 4 hours and 30 minutes by Mugunghwa or Samaeul Trains (24,300-36,100 won) or 4 hours by express bus (28,600 won)


The destinations are spread throughout the city, so it’s better to take the city tour, (unless you have access to your own car). The city tour is cheap at around 10,000-15,000 won per person and that includes the admission prices of all destinations. There are several different courses availble and they tend to start around 9:30 to 10:00am. You can take the city tour from right outside Suncheon Station, but you may have to make reservations in advance on busy days. ( Also, I recommend that you don’t visit Suncheon on a Monday because many of programs and museums are closed on this day, more so than in other cities.


The Suncheon Film Set 드라마 촬영장 was first buit for the 2006 tv drama, Love and Ambition, but it has been expanded since and used as a set for many other films and tv shows. The buildings here were built based on historical photographs from the Suncheon area and features around 200 buildings from the 1950-1980s. There are barber shops, restaurants, movie theaters, pharmacies, etc. However, most of the buildings are empty inside. On busier days you might find some musical performances here.




Suncheon Film Set Admission Fee: 3,000 won / adult

Operating Hours: 9am – 6pm

Contact Information: (061) 749-4003

Transportation: take bus 77 from the Suncheon Bus Terminal


Another great historical location is Nagan Fortress or Nagan Folk Village 낙안읍성. It’s an authentic village from the Joseon Dynasty, and you’ll find around 200 residents still living there. There are often musical performances on the weekends as well as some experience programs such as gugak, hanji making, and natural dyeing. Several movies have been shot here, most notably 광해 (2013).




Nagan Fortress Admission Fee: 2,000 won / adult

Operating Hours: 9am-5pm (Dec-Jan) / 9am – 6pm (Feb-Apr, Nov) / 8:30 – 6:30 – (May – Oct)

Contact Information: (061) 749-3347

Transportation: take bus 16, 61, or 63 from the Suncheon Bus Terminal or Suncheon Station

The next two locations are closer to the city’s downtown region.


Suncheon Bay is composed of large reeds and a vast mud flat. You can pay extra to take a train through the reed fields or ride a boat to do some bird watching through the bay. The area is also known for its many crabs and blue spotted mud hoppers that live in the mud flats. This is one of the main tourist attraction in Suncheon. Across the street from the Bay, near the bus stop, you’ll find restaurants serving local specialties of crabs, clams, and mud hoppers.




Suncheon Bay Admission Fee: 2,000 won / adult  (4,000 won for boat) (1,000 won for train)

Operating Hours: 9am – 10pm (train, boats, and experience center closed on Mondays)

Contact Information: (061) 749-4007

Transportation: take bus 67 from the Suncheon Bus Terminal or Suncheon Station


Before you leave the city for either lunch or dinner, try out some Hanjeongsik 한정식. Most of the South Jeolla Region is famous for this dish, which is basicaly a set of various side dishes.


Hanjeongsik Price: 12,000-15,000 / person


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3 thoughts on “Suncheon City 순천시

    • Because Suncheon and Yeosu both had world expos a few years ago, they have lots of motels and hotels. There are dozens of motels right by the Suncheon Station (train). You don’t need to make a reservation since there are plenty. I would just walk around and ask for a good rate. When I went during the off season(not during summer vacation) I paid 50,000 per night on a weekend.

      Yeosu is very similar in terms of the accommodation, but they have lots of nicer hotels compared to Suncheon. I would plan to stay someplace near the Yeosu World Expo sites. You’ll find plenty of cheap motels around 40,000-60,000 won per night. If you’re willing to shell out some money, check out the MVL hotel. If money is an issue, try to stay by one of the motels near the MVL since they have the best night views.

  1. Do they have student uniforms for rent at Suncheon film set? I looked many photos on Instagram that they wear uniforms to take photo, really cute
    And which season to visit Suncheon best?

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