Sonagi Village 소나기 마을 & Hwang Soonwon Literary Museum

While taking a drive through Gyeonggi province, in Yangpyeong County 양평군, I saw a sign for Sonagi Village 소나기 마을. It was only 2 kilometers away, and I had read the short story, Sonagi aka Rain Shower (소나기) when I was in middle school, so I decided to take the detour and check it out.

Sonagi 소나기 (1959) is one of the most well known Korean short stories. It’s a nostalgic story about a young girl from the city who moves to the countryside after her parents go bankrupt. The girl becomes friends with a local boy and they spend a fun day out on a rainy day.

The Sonagi Village was made up of a bunch of huts, like the ones the boy and the girl took shelter in during the rain, and there were sprinklers that went off every so often. At first, there was only one sprinkler going off, and I heard a lot of kids complaining about how weak it was, then all of a sudden the rest of the sprinklers went off and I had to run for cover to protect my camera. 😦


vivllage map

The Hwang Soonwon Literary Museum was dedicated to the various works of the prolific author and his contributions to Korean literature. Hwang Soonwon 황순원 (1915-2000) had a long career, starting out with poetry, then short stories, and later novels. He lived through Japanese colonialism, the Korean War, and several military dictatorships, and because of that a lot of his works focus on resilience in times of adversity. The most inspiring thing about him though was how dedicated he was to cultivating the art of literature in a time where surviving even day by day was a challenge. He is responsible for mentoring a whole generation of younger writers as well. Unfortunately, the museum was in Korean only, so I would not recommend visiting here if you don’t speak Korean.




buildling map

Sonagi Village and Hwang Soonwon Literary Museum Operating Hours: 9:30am – 6 pm (Mar- Oct) / 9;30 am – 5pm (Nov-Feb) / Closed Mondays, New Years, Lunar New Years, Chuseok

Admission Fee: 2,000 won / adult

Average Viewing Time: 1-1.5 hours

Contact Information: 031) 773-2299 (korean only)


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3 thoughts on “Sonagi Village 소나기 마을 & Hwang Soonwon Literary Museum

    • Hi Zergsprincess,

      I’ve found several places in Korea with small literary museums dedicated to local writers. A couple that I’ve been to recently include the Honbul Literary Museum in Namwon and the Literature Hall in Suncheon Bay (honoring writers Kim Seung Ok and Chung Chae Bong), but the Sonagi Village is one of the more well known ones. I saw a lot of families there with their kids who had recently read the short story. Because I grew up in the US, I’m not really familiar with most of Hwang Soonwon’s works (other than Sonagi), so it was very informative. I hope you get a chance to check it out too!

      • Hey,

        I’m Jenny. I’m from the states as well and don’t know much about the Korean history.

        It’s great that you got a lot of information from the museum.
        It’s always nice when you find little gems in an area with a lot of depth.

        Look forward to your other posts 🙂

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