Okcheon County 옥천군

Okcheon is a county in the southern part of North Chungcheong Province. It’s a quiet place that doesn’t have a lot of flashy tourist attractions. I think this is the kind of place that you can only enjoy if you keep your expectations low. The county’s tourism markets itself as “Okcheon: the land of nostalgia.”


1. Yuk Yeong-su’s Birthplace (육영수 생가)

2. Jeong Ji-yong’s Birthplace and Literature Gallery (정지용 생가와 문학관)

3.  Jangryung Mountain  (장령산)

File:North Chungcheong-Okcheon.svg

Okcheon has a few famous locals. Yuk Yeong-su (1925-1974) was the wife of former president Park Cheong-hee and mother of current president Park Geun-hye. She lived in Okcheon until she married. Her home, the Gyodong House, is one of the more expensive residences of the time, and you can tell because it’s made up of so many buildings and the complex even has a private pond. The home was demolished in 1999 after decades of neglect, but a few years later it was rebuilt as a historical monument.





Yuk Yeong-su Birthplace Admission Fee: free

Operating Hours: ?

Average Viewing Time:  30 minutes

English Availability: none

About five minutes away by foot, you’ll also find the home of Jeong Ji-yong (1902-?) who was a poet known for the poem “Hyangsu” which is often translated to “Nostalgia.” His birthplace is just a few minutes from Yuk Yeong-su’s home, and the two lived in similar time periods, so I thought it was really interesting to be able to compare the aristocratic home of Yuk Yong-su to the home of a poor poet. There is a small exhibition hall here honoring his works.




This poet’s home only consisted of two buildings, and there where both thatched roof buildings.



Jeong Ji-yong Birthplace and Literature Gallery Admission Fee: free

Operating Hours: 9 am – 6 pm / Closed Mondays, New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok

Average Viewing Time:  30-45 minutes

Contact Information: 043) 730-3408  jiyong.or.kr/html/jiyong/

English Availability: none

It was a hot day, so after checking out the two homes, I sent the next two hours cooling down in at Geumcheon Valley (금천계곡) at Jangryung Mountain  (장령산). There are log cabins and a camping ground here. I didn’t stay overnight, but I did set up my tent here for a couple of hours, so I could hide from the sun, and cool off.


Jangryung Mountain Parking Fee: 3,000 won / car

Contact Information: 043) 733-9615     cbhuyang.go.kr/jangyongsan





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